#BrandLove | Credit where credit is due.

Last night, I felt my heart swoon as I experienced some serious #BrandLove here in Trinidad and Tobago. Want to know why? Let me give you a teaser? What do T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and our very own, bmobile, all have in common? These three mobile operators offer their customers a pre-paid VISA credit card. Yeah, you heard me. bmobile has jumped into the mobile money arena along with Republic Bank, CellMaster and, of course, VISA. Mobile money as a phrase, first graced my eyes when I lived in London and worked heavily in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, where … Continue reading #BrandLove | Credit where credit is due.

#BrandLove | Nestlé® Milks | #DoSomeGood

A bit of kindness always gets my nod especially when that kindness is delivered by a brand. And Nestlé® Milks certainly got my attention as it launched its #DoSomeGood campaign this week, knighting Friday March 4th as “National Day of Goodness” and pouring goodness all over Trinidad and Tobago. What better recipe can the brand whip up to further engage its community than one that includes kindness, goodness and milk, all mixed together in a bid to make people smile, be healthy and most importantly, be kind to each other? Before I dive in, Nestlé® Milks, I approve! My friends at Delivering Happiness, (a company with a … Continue reading #BrandLove | Nestlé® Milks | #DoSomeGood

#chatterboxlife | The Series

Gosh! I haven’t posted on here since July 27th this year!?!? I assure you my nearest and dearest aren’t surprised. While I’m the busiest person on the planet, getting everything and nothing done at the same time, I savour and love every minute of my life, with all its cracks and crevices. And the way my phone incessantly flashes at me, illuminating a list of people wanting their questions answered and/or requests responded to now, I know I’m pretty useful too. A phone number, an introduction, free tickets, an event covered, a mention on TTChatterbox, a carpenter, a tailor, the best place to get black spandex, … Continue reading #chatterboxlife | The Series