Where are my meds? Literally.

Heading down to San Fernando today, my hometown here in Trinidad and Tobago. As my taxi driver does the hard work, I feel the usual butterflies I get knowing I will see the sights and some people I love in a bit, if even for a little bit. Passing to check my Dad, who has been a huge support as I wrestle (willingly) with my new diagnosis, and that in itself has worked wonders. Popping in to see my school friend, neighbour and famaaaaaleeeee, JR and her gorgeous daughter and it is thoughts of all of this that has me … Continue reading Where are my meds? Literally.

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Mental Health 101

I took this picture last Carnival at Peter Minshall’s Callaloo Company, as I attempted to get involved in something that I never quite did. It’s an image that I am most proud of, since I started my photography journey and one that I didn’t quite know where I should use until now. This image perfectly describes mental health to me. When I look at her, I see darkness yet light. Beauty yet pain. Wounds yet renewal. Scars yet fond memories. I see her surviving this world, come what may. She has removed her eyes for she can’t always be sure … Continue reading Mental Health 101


So if you are feeling alone and angry and sad yet happy and confused and tired but can’t sleep and sometimes very hot yet you’re shivering – then you are not alone. If you heard what someone said yet act immediately after like they didn’t say it and this makes you question your reality – you are not alone. If you worry about little things. The littlest of things. And in that worrying, you somehow make this little thing, the biggest of things – you are not alone. If you must clean the Universe before you write that email that’s two weeks late. If you stare at … anything and wonder about … everything, yet do nothing – you are not alone. If procrastination is your daily detention – you are not alone. Continue reading #igetYOU