Where are my meds? Literally.

Heading down to San Fernando today, my hometown here in Trinidad and Tobago. As my taxi driver does the hard work, I feel the usual butterflies I get knowing I will see the sights and some people I love in a bit, if even for a little bit. Passing to check my Dad, who has been a huge support as I wrestle (willingly) with my new diagnosis, and that in itself has worked wonders. Popping in to see my school friend, neighbour and famaaaaaleeeee, JR and her gorgeous daughter and it is thoughts of all of this that has me … Continue reading Where are my meds? Literally.

#chatterboxlife … update.

So a week or two ago, TTChatterbox celebrated her third birthday as a brand. To be honest, I like her way more than I like myself. And though that may sound pitiful, she’s just so fun. Knows all the cool stuff. Is uber useful. I could go on. And I will. Continue reading #chatterboxlife … update.