On the eve of new.

Bring out the bubbly and plan!


If it’s one thing that we can all relate to regardless of who, where and what we are, is the turn of a new year. And with 2019 less than 24 hours away, I figured I should be a good blogger, writer, strategist and human … and write something to usher you in, just in case your cursor clicks over here during your celebrations. That is if you care about this, my turning-of-the-new-year soliloquy. I hope you do, if only for my ego. Ok, rambling already. I foresee a downward spiral. And surely that’s relevant for all the considerations that we give the turning of a new year. We all know that we plan and plan but rarely do and do.

So what is going to be different for 2019? For me I can’t really say, but I do have plans. I always have plans. And there is no better time to plan, but at the beginning of something. I remember when I was in school, every time there was a new year, I would promise to be better. Do my homework. Keep up with my studies. Yet, every year it was solely my writing skills that got me through every exam that was essay-based. And here I am writing essays aka blog posts, hoping to get your attention. Ok that’s a lie. I don’t need attention, certainly not here. If I want attention, I just go on my Instagram (@ttchatterbox if you want to join the 5,800 other people who follow me).

Ok. This is my third paragraph and I haven’t really said anything, have I? Ok. Focus, TTChatterbox! New year. New plans. As a writer turned marketeer, turned sales maverick, turned strategist, turned blogger, turned photography turned influencer – I have many plans. More writing. More blog posts. More sharing of knowledge and opinion. Being more accountable. More process. Oh! I need to drink more water too. All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? But what will I achieve? And let’s not forget I’m also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend … sigh. And barely human.

There are so many other local bloggers/influencers who write more, share more, are focussed more. 2019 is the year I plan to turn TTChatterbox into a proper business. I have done so much here and there. And I have loads of loose ends to tie up and 2019 is the year to do that and just get it all going. Properly. The time has come.

I’m listening to Cardi B as I type this. Yes. Almost 42-year-old me is nodding to her track, Money. And honestly, there are fragments of this tune that I will carry into 2019 with me. Cause all I really wanna see is money. God knows, I have done so much barter and pro bono work since I started TTChatterbox in 2014. I’ve paid my dues and like Cardi says, “I need a cheque!” and she ain’t lying. It’s time Trinidad and Tobago gets in a gear when it comes to influencers, social media, websites, marketing, writing – all of it. Let me give a recent example of a brand that irked me.

Tobago. Recent new campaign. Tag line? “Beyond Ordinary” Really, Tobago? How ordinary. And there’s the case of some other island using “Beyond Extraordinary”. Does Google work in Tobago? Who did you hire to do this? Did they do an audit of the other islands? Sigh. Saw it all on the news, as some executive from the Tobago Government tried to explain the fuckery.

I honeymooned in Tobago. I could have gone anywhere in the world and I chose home. Why? Because it ticked all the boxes and well, the sheer beauty of Tobago cannot be described in words. Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Why put the money in someone else’s pocket? As in some other county’s pocket? Funny that I brought up my honeymoon as New Year’s Day is also my eighteenth wedding anniversary. (Love you, husband!!!!!) I’ve also starting drinking in celebration about an hour ago so if this sounds like a tipsy, aimless musing – it is!

Fact is, I love Tobago and wish I could have seen a more thought out campaign. Influencers can help brands achieve this. Influencers know what’s happening. They look at brands and their campaigns all the time. Even better, influencers can find out anything. Influencers aren’t only used to shout about your brand and product to their community and therefore increase sales and awareness. Influencers are also a mini focus group in one person, who can pretty much get you the deeds on the what’s happening in your sphere. If the Tobago Tourism board or whatever it’s called had hired one of our local travel bloggers to sit in on their meetings, they may have gotten another perspective and may be a better tag line.

Ok I don’t know if that example made sense but brands just need to get more aware. And I can help. Fact is, I want to do more for 2019. I launched my career as a writer back in 1996, as a columnist for the Vox Magazine in the Trinidad Express dammit! Now I have my own blog, I should be writing more. Sharing just how judgemental I can be towards brands and people. I am also writing a book to that effect. A book that makes you think and laugh. And that’s what I want to do here. Make you think and laugh.

I think that’s enough rambling. So here’s to 2019. To thinking more, doing more and laughing more.



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