Welcome to the Brandom

B is for Brandom!

Yes, the Brandom. And it’s a made up word. Why? Because when I decided to write a series about brands that I encounter with a story that wows me, no word seemed good enough. Over the last four years, since I started TTChatterbox (Happy Anniversary to me!) I’ve encountered hundreds of brands via the digital kingdom called social media. Random brands from many industries with one thing in common – they were trying to stand out, gain new customers and engage, through social media, with the customers they already had.

Every client I come into contact with is so eager to tell me their story of how their product or service came to be. The brainstorming process of the name, logo, product names and more. Each story though similar, is driven by a passion and purpose that could only be found in a hungry entrepreneur.

It is this passion and purpose I hope to capture in my Brandom series which will live right here on my blog. There will be no set frequency to when each installment is published. My fingers will type away only when brands impress me! The same way brands are featured on my Instagram (@ttchatterbox). My review process is pretty random. I have no sophisticated key performance indicators nor metrics backed by all the $10 marketing words of the day. It is simply me telling the story of brands that I like. And as a writer, brand strategist and most importantly, consumer with over 20 years experience, I know I am more than equipped to do so.

Love me some Fresh Start Sorrel!

So from the story of Fresh Start Juices, a family-owned business committed to producing fresh juices with ingredients native to Trinidad and Tobago to that of Twig’s Naturals, a brand that produces a line of teas that includes bay leaf and orange peel, I certainly have many, many stories to tell. Oh! And King’s Specialty with their new chocolate cream liqueur.

Love the Turmeric Tea from Twigs!

Through each story, I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs out there through my journey and the journey of others. Entrepreneurship is no easy feat and no matter how easy someone may make it look, there are the guaranteed hair-pulling moments we all go through. The spirit of community is also something that exists amongst the entrepreneurs I have met here in T&T. I want to encourage growth in this sector and that can only be achieved through community building and collaboration amongst us entrepreneurs.

Addicted to the new chocolate cream liqueur from King’s!

So look out for the brands that make it into the Brandom! I’ve got a long list already so this series is either something that will keep me very busy orrrrrrrr it maybe just live in my head along with the many other ideas that make up that population. Either way, this post is definitely a start. Hopefully there will be many chapters and we all live happily ever after.


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