What is influence anyways?

It’s the top question in my DMs these days – what is influence? When it comes to brand and consumer behaviour, influence isn’t a new concept at all. It is this very influence that made the media moguls of today and they are all billionaires. Why? Because they provided platforms that got brands in front of millions of people and the content convinced people to buy, support, call and do.

Now we have digital media. The internet. The smartphone. So the only thing that has changed or rather developed is the way we are able to reach people. Connect with people. And the reach is far more vast than any media mogul ever imagined.

As a brand in 2018, you are with me and my smartphone in bed after midnight. On my TV. On my Instagram. The ice cream I am snuggling in my lap. As a brand, sI am with you too, right now even. For example, my late night posts tend to provoke thought because those who are awake “with me” can’t sleep either. Or are working late or trying to write. Studying. Meet a deadline. Lonely. Whichever, a break in thought especially if there is a refocus toward something thought provoking, will renergise the mind or calm it down and send it off to sleep. Depends on what you want to do. The mind is a powerful thing.

Point is, I try to think about what my community may be doing right at the moment I construct a post and what I can do to capture their attention then and there, engage them and even start a conversation. If I can promote two of three brands in that post and Trinidad and Tobago as a whole – touchdown!

And that is what influence is. Knowing who is you listening to you, watching you and use this information to figure out what you have in common and share your take on those things. As a brand, apart from your product, there is so much more than you can say to engage your customers. This only encourages loyalty and brand love and ultimately long-term relationships with continued spend.

Consumers want to be proud of their brands. It is quite an ego-stroking exercise. As a brand you must share content that makes your community feel like they know you and your know them. For this is really why they chose to take your product home. Put it in their handbag. Kitchen. Bathroom. Bedroom. Kids’ bedroom. Office. Have you ever thought about where your brand physically goes in your customers’ life post-purchase? I have. And maybe that’s why TTChatterbox works!

Because my brand is 75% Instagram based, an Instagram is a mobile application, I automatically know that you are spending time with me over coffee or in traffic. During a boring meeting or on the couch while you’re watching TV. I think of this intimate piece of your alone time that you give me, and I try to keep earning it by giving you content that is interesting.

We all need to think of our consumers and our influence in this way and maximize it! Every day. Every hour. Every post. This is what is needed to fuel influence and influence has always reigned supreme.


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