I Choose Huawei

As an influencer, you are always posed with the choice between the money or love of a brand. I have always chosen the latter and with the nucleus of influence being authenticity, it is the road all influencers – brand and individuals should take.

My Huawei captured what this influencer life can look like!

A personal case study of mine is Huawei, my smartphone of choice for over a year now, come what may. Which means if I have to buy a phone, it will be a Huawei. And that is for many, many reasons.

As an Apple fan for decades, when my iPhone 6 plus died, I was hurt. And desperate. I managed to talk my way into a deal that got a P9Lite into my hands. I was a little disappointed as I had expected an iPhone 7. But I had no choice.

TTChatterbox is a demanding business with brands constantly in contact with me to shoot and review their products and my community, who all think I am their BFF (and I am!), all have questions for me, or need advice or sometimes, just someone to listen.

My first Huawei categorically made my life easier. In many, many ways. Firstly, my photography got better. And better! I had a DSLR before and while my photos were amazing, who has the fortitude to walk around with that piece of kit?!? Not this chatterbox. So I switched to mobile a few years ago, and had mastered composition and subtle editing to produce and post rich, emotion-evoking inages to promote the brands I liked and ultimately, Trinidad and Tobago.

Or so I thought!!! My Huawei P9Lite proved from the first photo that I had wasted my time with an iPhone. The controls. The Pro Photo features. The clarity. The colour. The gestures that allowed me to slide, swipe and tap through a seamless photography experience, and the results of all of this, showed. My photos instantly attracted more eyes to my Instagram profile, which is my main brand channel for TTChatterbox.

A market was the perfect place for me to have fun with ny Huawei Mate 9

International and local brands began sharing my images that were shot with my Huawei. My photos appeared in food catalogues, brand sites and more. And I couldn’t be happier.

Switching fron iOs to Android was another breeze on my Huawei. I was able to plug into all things Google, effortlessly and my photos automatically backed up and deleted from my handset without me having to do anything. I take thousands of photos a day, so this really helps!

The freedom of this handset is also something I love. It is fully customisable and you can truly fine-tune your Huawei to be everything you need. From shortcuts to desktop organisation. Just perfection.

A few months into my Huawei journey, I got my hands on the illustrious Mate 9 with its dual Leica Camera. Well everything just seemed to magnify. The camera. The screen size and quality. The overall speed of the handset’s operating system. Multi-tasking power.

I could really go on and on but I will just insist, every time, get a Huawei. If you use your phone for business or a hobby or youre just super social and like taking pictures. If you’re a marketter or a blogger. a journalist or an artist. A performer or a student. Huawei. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.

Love the coffee shots I got with my Huawei Mate 9.

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