#MastermindThursdays … Week 1

My friend, Daniella, invited me to participate in this 7-week long John C. Maxwell workshop she is hosting. My response was immediately positive. Daniella is my girl and I support her in anything she asks of me, if I can. This required commitment and follow through, things I am not widely known for. But with those very two culprits showing up repeatedly in my readings on my disorder, bipolar disorder, I thought I would try and beat the stigma. And I did. I participated in Week 1 and I loved it.

John C. Maxwell. Who is he anyways? A quick trot over to his website brings these words on ny screen.

The site said, “You want to live a life that matters. You’re ready to go the journey, but every new adventure needs a trustworthy guide. Everybody needs a friend to go with them and a mentor to show the way. Let’s go the journey together.

Well he got my attention and so did Daniella with her seven-week virtual mastermind group. This group, through a series of seven virtual and highly interactive meetings, seeks to enlighten those who participate, on the 15 Laws of Growth developed by Maxwell, aimed at defining purpose and harnessing true potential. Well, week one didn’t disappoint.

My initial takeaways fall within the first and last laws – cliché bipolar, right? The first law, The Law of Intentionality. This delves into knowing your dream. Your purpose. As a person. As an entrepreneur. Your reason for being. This is something that I, TTChatterbox, am very in tune with. I have a voice that matters and I use it for things and people and brands and causes … that matter. Brands. Coffee. Entrepreneurs. Mental health. Trinidad and Tobago. English. Law One, in the bag.

Then there is Law 15, The Law of Contribution, which I am also proud to say that me and my brand, live every day. This law covers extending yourself to others. The purpose of TTChatterbox is to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves and that purpose has indeed blossomed in the last three years. And though I feel sometimes there is no reward, doing it in itself is the reward.

What’s that you ask? What about Laws 12 to 14? Ha! Why do think I am doing the workshop?!?

Of course, I had to tell Daniella what a great group she put together and what a solid job she did during our first session. I was curious about why this was important to her and of course, I asked her exactly that. Her response was perfect.

“I’ve failed my way to success so many times and I’ve often wondered what makes the difference between persons who quit too early and persons who achieved massive success. The persons who became successful never looked at their failures as final, but as important lessons learned. This is true for where my personal growth has come from. Currently, I see so many people, capable of achieving greatness, but too scared to move their feet because the thought of failure or another fear, paralyses them. I always think growth is important and necessary for survival, there is no downside to learning. This mastermind group is important for me so that we can learn from each other’s perspectives, and challenge each other to step out our comfort zones, all while cheering each other on. This mastermind group will be the catalyst of change for these participants, to live their passions, and by extension inspire the persons around them. We need to grow as a people, as a country, and as a region. This right here are the first steps of many being taken towards that goal”.

Here’s to Week Two!


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