Bipolar: Do I have it or am I?

So if at the very beginning of the diagnosis, I am confused, what does that say about what the future holds? If you’re into signs that is. If you’re more on the science side, or  maybe you’re like my views on gender, saddle both. Make sense? Ha! I’m rambling already. With my renewed curiosity in (on?) my mental health, I visited a psychiatrist about four weeks ago and got exactly that. A new diagnosis. Bipolar disorder. Want the stats? Or at least some facts? Let’s go!

1. Over 1 million people in the UK have bipolar disorder.

2. The disorder usually surfaces often in a person’s late teen or early adult years and usually lasts a lifetime

3. Bipolar disorder affects men and women in equal numbers.

And the definition? Ok.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, “Bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic depression) is a mood disorder. Symptoms are extreme mood swings from high to low’.

And that certainly is the truth. Which is simply that some days I feel like I could change the world and other days I just want to sleep. Most days, people frustrate me yet I love attention. I hate that people think I revel in always being right which I am not. I am just well read. Rambling. So Bipolar Disorder. It seems it is something to have rather than something to be. Which means I can manage it. Medication is an important part and the writing of these blog posts helps too. As I was diagnosed, I remember asking myself a simple question. “How can you expect anyone else to understand you if you are not trying to understand yourself”. And this is all part of that. And out of it all, I hope to create awareness through my acceptance of this disorder.

Happy Monday!


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