#chatterboxlife … update.

I’m going to apologise for the rambling in this, my first sentence, as this is probably going to be the convergence of a blog post, journal entry, editorial piece, lecture, confessional, cry for help … or just lots of words that will be perfectly strung together, allowing you to conjure images as you read what I write, all the while feeling like you’re listening to someone speak rather than read words on the screen of your smartphone. Hope it’s a Huawei. If not, you’re missing out.

So a week or two ago, TTChatterbox celebrated her third birthday as a brand. To be honest, I like her way more than I like myself. And though that may sound pitiful, she’s just so fun. Knows all the cool stuff. Is uber useful. I could go on. And I will. Thing is, TTChatterbox was created to show my talent as a brand strategist through the channel that is social media and by extension, the digital world. It’s what marketeers want and if I was going to consult/freelance then this, to me was a no-brainer. Get a few small accounts. Charge a grand or two per month. Find my way up to $50k monthly and I’d be fine, right? Wrong. Every brand I spoke to admitted that I was super-talented, loved my ideas (some even used my ideas without even a thank you!) wanted my help but just didn’t have the cash. All the while, I swooned at the entrepreneur stories I was told and snapped sexy photos of the products I encountered and shared it all with the world via social media.

One of my specs from Look Opticians, a notebook, pens and coffee … all always close by.

Then the questions came. Mich, where did you see this? How much is that? And I began sending contacts back and forth via WhatsApp, putting buyers in touch with sellers. And this is the purpose of the brand, TTChatterbox and #SpoTTed. To help brands make money. By making them relevant and sexy. Trinidad and Tobago is truly a fickle population of consumers and that includes me, by the way. Once something looks nice and it will add to our overall aesthetic  – we in dat. And what is our aesthetic. I’ll tell you. We like local. We like fancy ting. We like loud colours. We like to be simple. We like to be noticed. We are patriotic. We wish we could be better. We love trends. We are sentimental. I could go on. I say that a lot, don’t I.?

My aesthetic theory is solid and with more than 60,000 impression a week on Instagram and 100,000 plus clicks on the blog and my new baby, #SpoTTed – I dare you to challenge me. So it is paying off as in all eyes are on both brands. Not in the I can go to Massy Stores and buy something with it kinda pay off but a pay off nonetheless.

Three years in, I’m on every invitation list. I get samples of everything dropped at my house. My WhatsApp goes crazy with requests for tickets, Carnival costumes, phone numbers, introductions, business advice, creative critique, brand reviews, baby name help … I could so go on. TTChatterbox is 100% the Brands’ Brand here in Trinidad and Tobago. And I am proud to say to say that I am TTChatterbox. 20 years of work and I love what I do. I truly do. I am mesmerised by everything brand and I am a sucker for everything I sell and preach and promote. Every copywriter writes their ad for the impulsive consumer like me. Someone who just wants something for wanting it sake. Wreckless abandon. Desire. Lust. For … everything.

Love being on the press list for MAC Cosmetics out of their Miami Office. Got my hands on the Taraji Viva Glam and I don’t think it is even out yet. #score


I want to be the woman who has everything but bought nothing. I want to be the woman who looks at your brand and tells you exactly what you need to take things to the next level. And no, I don’t want your money. I am so OVER fucking money. Gees! Can we go back to barter? Seriously! The concept of money seems so primitive and uncivilised to me, just like heterosexuality in 2017. I digress.

So back to brands. I am going to boast about my gift because it is one that can help YOU. All of you reading this. I am the Brand Whisperer. An idea. A dream. A concept. Anything. Bring it to me, and I will help you find a way to bring it to life. And making money doing so. Now truth be told, I am still struggling to monetise all my efforts with TTChatterbox and #SpoTTed, but what’s that saying about cobblers never having shoes? Just easier for me to do it for you than for me. But look a little closer though. What do I sell? Just my opinion of what you sell. Which is usually positive. I don’t use my powers for evil. Why? I either like your shit or I don’t. And if I don’t, it doesn’t end up on my shit. Simple. Do you know how empowering it is to write this with this level of honesty? This is me speaking to you. Confiding. Reaching out almost. Digressing …. again. Sorry.

Ok … where was I? Word count? 540-something. Not bad. You can get another 500. Easy. I’m in the mood. Boys are asleep. My refrigerator is making the annoying noise that sometimes I feel only I hear and my fingers are pounding away at the keyboard like a mongrel that finally got his unit into the neighbour’s tea cup Yorkie.

Focus. So TTChatterbox has certainly developed. Photography has also germinated as a skill I am known for and Huawei has certainly been my wingman on this journey. So when all these things came together and my hashtag #spoTTed was gaining popularity, creating a sub-brand made sense. Three issues, over 50,000 photos and a format change later, #SpoTTed is getting there. I’ll admit to being demotivated and lacking focus most days but which genius doesn’t have the same lament.

All I know is I hear entrepreneurs crying out for the next idea to make their brand catapult into the realm of success. And I can help. My phones rings but I want it to ring more.

Need your brand to be sexy – call me.


Ok … tired ramble. Coffee. And I’m feeling for marshmallows.



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