#BrandLove | Nestlé® Milks | #DoSomeGood

A bit of kindness always gets my nod especially when that kindness is delivered by a brand. And Nestlé® Milks certainly got my attention as it launched its #DoSomeGood campaign this week, knighting Friday March 4th as “National Day of Goodness” and pouring goodness all over Trinidad and Tobago. What better recipe can the brand whip up to further engage its community than one that includes kindness, goodness and milk, all mixed together in a bid to make people smile, be healthy and most importantly, be kind to each other? Before I dive in, Nestlé® Milks, I approve!

smile DSG-page-003

My friends at Delivering Happiness, (a company with a cause – to grow a movement that spreads and inspires more happiness in the world) believe that kindness is contagious and can be used as a tool to not only increase the happiness in the world but also within your customer base and employee network. It’s not exactly rocket science, when you think about it, but sometimes the best of ideas are simple and staring us in the face.

Nestlé® Milks is certainly joining the recent trend of using altruism to connect with their customers and further improve their customer experience, by simply … caring. Now if anyone at this point, utters musings of this being a marketing gimmick and just another ploy for us to buy more milk, well quite frankly, you are what is wrong with the world. I applaud a multi-national brand such as Nestlé® Milks for joining the likes of Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Toms, McDonalds and many more of using kindness to further humanise their brand, connect with customers, woo new customers, all the while, creating smiles around the world. It’s not too good to be true … it’s just … true.

According to Nestlé® Milks, “the campaign hopes to engender sentiments of ‘goodness’ and positivity throughout T&T – from Port of Spain to Scarborough – on launch day, March 4th. These feelings will be fostered on a national level until the campaign’s end on April 14th since, as part of the month-long campaign, Nestlé will also encourage nationals to pledge, upload and share their own acts of goodness on social media using the hashtag #DoSomeGood”.

The brand continued that “Sweet T&T faces numerous socio-economic challenges in modern times. And while Governments play a significant role in alleviating these issues, so too should corporate entities. Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago is deepening its commitment to combat these challenges toward a better T&T with “Do Some Good,” under the Nestlé® Milks umbrella”.

The campaign is already proving that it’s not just a promise but it’s got those strong bones and teeth to prove it. After good deeds being done across the country on National Goodness Day, the brand followed this up by kickstarting a thirty (30) day challenge aimed at improving one’s health and spreading some kindness too.


The challenge simply asks you to drink two glasses of milk and do a good deed a day. Again I hear those murmurs from the non-believers, accusing the brand of simply trying to increase milk sales but can we just stay positive for a few more minutes! I mean if you drink these said two mysterious glasses of milk, all it will do is give you some calcium, vitamin D and lots of other goodness.


And the good deed? Well, what’s better than some creamy goodness garnished with some goodness and an extra smile for someone who needs it.

All in all, regardless of how you try to spin it, Nestlé® Milks, gets my nod and a bit of #BrandLove today for their new #DoSomeGood campaign.


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