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It’s Friday or Friyay as they say but I must admit that every day has a bit of yay for me and Sunday gone was no different. Being new to the St. Anns area, I was chuffed to hear that the next installment of RackedTT was being held at the Hotel Normandie, a mere stone’s throw from the Chatterbox cave. 

So after a quick stroll with a few pauses for my signature photos of the things I see, I was there! RackedTT couldn’t have chosen a better location to strut their stuff, as the intimacy and overall ambience that the iconic hotel offered (in spades!) suited the brand down to the ground.

Five minutes in, I had already squealed and hugged a few familiar faces and clocked Turtle Warrior, The Lush Kingdom and Sew Lisa ahead. 

I’ll let my photos do the talking as I’ll admit that this blogging thing is time consuming and I NEVER get to write about all the places I go and the people I chat with. My Instagram serves me the best, as I get to capture my “yay” moments and share them with you.

So amidst the fabulousness that was RackedTT at the Normandie, here are my highlights!

Designer, Adrian Foster running up to me and asking me (ok shrieking at me! Twas the best!) if I’m TTChatterbox! Brand love is amazing and our immediate hug and selfie proved that my purpose is being realized. TTChatterbox is here for all the brands in Trinidad and Tobago. To get the word out about your fabulousness. As if this moment with the A to the F wasn’t OMG enough, Sarina from TriniGourmet comes up to me excited that we finally meet after thousands of double taps on IG on each other’s account. I was excited too. We all chatted, feeling the connection that people who dream feel when they get together. And because all good things come in threes, I got to see my amazing friend (I have the best friends!) designer, Lori Antoinette get her first Adrian Foster piece, a red number to make you shiver. Don’t believe me? Here’s the photographic evidence! 

Designer, Adrian Foster. and TTChatterbox, me, at RackedTT
Love how AF’s logo works with his labels.
The Dress! Can’t wait to see Lori in it!


Seeing James Hackett of The Lush Kingdom in all his fashion glory definitely deserves to be on my RackedTT at the Normandie list simply because I’ve known James foooooorever!  Since Vox Magazine days at Express Newspapers. Like late nineties, when James was into everything art but fashion. At my stint at the Guardian in 2011, I was lucky to write about this dude as he prepared to graduate from the Fashion Design Programme at UTT. And now here he was at RackedTT – with his baby, The Lush Kingdom! Always here cheering you on James!   

Creativity and contact information courtesy The Lush Kingdom.

Ok! Definitely tired of the writing. Here are the rest of my pics from RackedTT at the Normandie. Great job gals!


Love these tassles from Spirit of Naiad.
The Turkish Evil Eye!
Fabulous prints abound at Sew Lisa.
Loving this from Jo Fine !


More Sew Lisa goodness!

All in all, RackedTT gets my nod! Here are some more pics by moi! Spot any of your favourites?

Going to take a nap before the Lisa See Tai X 212 Location launch at West Mall this evening. #chatterboxlife



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