#chatterboxlife | The Series

#Spotted … Newest addition to the Angostura Premium Rum line-up, from its Cask Collection…No. 1. This beauty was launched at Drew Manor recently.

Gosh! I haven’t posted on here since July 27th this year!?!? I assure you my nearest and dearest aren’t surprised. While I’m the busiest person on the planet, getting everything and nothing done at the same time, I savour and love every minute of my life, with all its cracks and crevices. And the way my phone incessantly flashes at me, illuminating a list of people wanting their questions answered and/or requests responded to now, I know I’m pretty useful too. A phone number, an introduction, free tickets, an event covered, a mention on TTChatterbox, a carpenter, a tailor, the best place to get black spandex, a story in the Sunday Guardian, business advice and most of all, please come to this event. No wonder, I’m tète en l’air and while the French phrase means scatterbrained, it is truly the best to describe my #chatterboxlife (Kudos to my French-speaking pal, Anna Banana for the coining #myfriendsarebetterthanyours).

Of course I put my #GrammarQueen hat on and delved into the etymology of the phrase and discovered a secondary meaning, or rather the literal translation, namely, to have one’s head in the clouds and that made me embrace the phrase even tighter. But that’s really my life, the #chatterboxlife. I’m a dreamer and I see such big things for everything Trinidad and Tobago, including my own, #TTChatterbox. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past three months or so – living the #chatterboxlife which is absorbing everything Trinidad and Tobago that I love, or as a I always say, #iadore. From attending loads of events, stalking all local brands on social media to assuming the title of Editor in Chief for T&Ts latest fashion publication, Fashion Focus | The Magazine.

TTChatterbox has been alive for a year now and already the brand made its way to every guest list of every event that matters here in Trinidad and Tobago and one thing that I am realizing is that brands are screaming for people to talk about them. And while this seems like a no-brainer, though I can’t attend everything, the events I do attend, I get so much #brandlove. After posting two or three pictures on my Instagram of the things I like at the event, always gets me a call or message from the Brand’s team, saying thank you.

Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago launched its Orchard Calorie Conscious Drinks this week with full endorsement from the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

Everyone loves having something nice said about them and our brands here in Trinidad and Tobago, are no different. Why aren’t we out there shouting to the hills about our latest find in Massy Stores or SuperPharm? Is it that we’re just not happy with the products? What about the vast gambit of #local products on offer? Why aren’t we boasting about these? Yet we share our latest Michael Kors watch … actually let me change that to YOUR Michael Kors watch, cause I eh wearing that shit! GEED! I digress. We share all our favourite international brands (me included eh! So ah not just pointing fingers!), the celebrities we love and more, from the lands that exist across the seas. In my not-so-humble opinion, I don’t think we’re doing enough to spread the word on how amazing Trinidad and Tobago is.

Finally got my own Turtle Warrior bracelet at the fabulous UpMarket at the Trinidad Country Club in Maraval. Upmarket is truly a festival of foods and finds in Trinidad and Tobago. Next installment – November 29th, 2015. Don’t miss it.

TTChatterbox hopes to do exactly that through her travels and musings and #chatterboxlife | The series. Starting out as a weekly post (with spin-off editorials) I will attempt to capture my week of activities with a view to giving each and every brand I encounter, a few minutes in the spotlight. We spend so much time criticizing everything we see, that those who are shining get easily lost in the smoke of hate. So when people ask me, what am I doing for my country, I can proudly say that I’m living my life to spread the good news of others, while enjoying the ride. Now don’t get me wrong, as I said before, I’m a Trinidadian, so ah like nice ting from foreign, and with eight years spent traveling the world from a London base, I’ll be bringing you my tops picks of what you can get online from the world’s best and trendiest…as well as some of best kept secrets!

So here’s to the #chatterboxlife … living each and every moment here in Trinidad and Tobago…my way.


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