#iadore | diemBox

Over the past few years, I’ve seen my trendy friends post pictures of their latest box of treats delivered to their door and I’m not talking about an online shopping haul but rather one of the latest retail trends namely, the Subscription Box. First hoping onto the retail scene in 2010, quite simply you subscribe to the box of your choice and every month you receive a few meticulously curated items, whether it be the latest beauty trends, culinary treats for your next sauté or just about anything that interests you.

The principle that lies behind the subscription box is simple. Companies such as BirchBox partner with a host of brands throughout the world, to select four to five items every month that arrive at your door, keeping you up to date with what brands have to offer, decluttering the shopping shelf for you with their recommendations on what’s trending and most importantly, making your subscriber smile once a month with the surprise and wow factors delivered along with these coveted brands placed in their well-packaged boxes.

Now they say Trinidadians like salt, we in everything, and this is certainly no exception. Let me introduce you to diemBox, the Caribbean’s premiere subscription box service.


According to the recently launched website, “Each box is carefully curated based on a monthly theme, which embodies life in the Caribbean Glamorous, Chic, Fun-loving, and Passionate.” Elena Dyer, the mastermind behind diemBox, couldn’t contain her excitement as she told us (at her recent soft launch at Fanatic Kitchen) all about her vision for diemBox and it’s a sound one. Her priority is to feature Caribbean brands as well as international brands that appeal to the Caribbean diaspora.


As a Brand Strategist, the whole concept of the subscription box getting a bit of rhythm and going Caribbean peaked my interest in another area. My mind went back to my years living in London where the sight of anything Trinidadian got me super excited. I remember a tear coming to my eye the first time I saw a bottle of Limacol. Don’t talk about when I saw a whole shelf of special edition Angostura Bitters. I digress. A Caribbean subscription box is the perfect way for the offshore diaspora to get a piece of home, once a month. I know I would have loved to get a box every month with a pack of Sunshine Snacks’ Zoomers, a pot of Guava Jam, some local dried green seasoning, a trending beauty product (lime or coconut flavoured of course!) and a bottle of pepper sauce.

All in all, subscription boxes are the perfect way for brands to interact with their customers and potential customers. The retail industry is stuffed with billions of products, and brands, especially here in Trinidad and Tobago, can really build a personal relationship with their customers through this latest retail craze. And there are social media benefits as well. Customers will squeal in excitement as every month their surprises are revealed. From selfies of satisfaction to hashtags galore, customers will share the contents of their box on their various boasting…I mean…social media channels. Every one wins.


I certainly felt like a winner when I put my hands on the bright, magenta diemBox. Especially loving Immortelle‘s Shower Gel. Been meaning to get my hands on a few of their treats in forever! Looking forward to see what the second box has to offer! All the best, Elena! #thinkoutsidethebox


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