Cooking and the Blog

So there. My first cooking blog post. Is that even a term? For those who know me, know I like to know everything, which is totally different to my ability to remember anything. Anyhow. So what does the world of food and cooking blogs look like? Who are the best? Who was the first? Who makes the most money? I can answer those questions in a heartbeat if asked of that of lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, literature blogs, grammar blogs and more. But food blogs, funny that I have never scoured that part of the blogosphere. So…here goes.

After a quick clickety-click on the keyboard, I came across some top ten lists with the help of my #BFF, Google. I soon find my screen inhabited by what’s on offer at Love and Lemons run by Jeanine from Austin, Texas. I loved the simple layout and the use of white. So many people feel the need to fill every space – annoying.  The convergence of serif and sans serif typography makes me tingle a little – love that! The typography and the tingling of course. The photography is on point. And after spending fifteen minutes or so clicking through the saliva-worthy photos, I had already identified at least ten recipes to try. I immediately joined the mailing list, knowing that I’d be visiting Love and Lemons again. 


Then I pondered what London had to offer. After a few clicks here and there, I found myself drawn to The Crazy Kitchen. The photography on this blog was just jaw-dropping. And again, I found myself adding recipe after recipe to my list. From the One Pan Egg Ratatouille to the Minted Asparagus and Ricotta Tart, I was immediately a fan.

Now this led me to ponder if I too would join the list of food bloggers popping up around the globe. One thing I did know was that the melting pot that was cuisine here in Trinidad and Tobago was most certainly worthy. So surely, with some effort (and charm!) I could become a channel of information for all things food in Trinidad and Tobago but also a source of the things that tickle the fancy of the Trinbagonian foodie, both locally and internationally. Let’s see, shall we?


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