#iadore | Okra


So as I typed the headline…I will admit to first typing OCHRO and then erasing and typing OKRA. According to BBC Good Food describes okra as “Originally from Africa, okra is now widely used incuisines such as Caribbean, Creole, Cajun and Indian. It’s also known as bhindi or lady’s fingers, in reference to the long, elegantly tapering shape”.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago, we say OCHRO, and I will eat anything with the green funny-looking finger like vegetable in it. I was reminded of my love for okra on a recent visit to Aioli Restaurant, when  a friend of mine ordered a burger of some sort that was garnished with fried okra. Now I am all for experimentaion and felt a tingle of pride upon seeing our very own ochro, blossom into the okra she always dreamed, served atop a bed of pulled pork in a burger offered on Aioli’s new lunch menu. With Aioli being one of the top restaurants here in Trinidad and Tobago, and one that certainly has me craving another visit, my #BFF okra, was sure to rub shoulders with the who’s who and more.

When I think of ochro though, I think of ochro rice, callaloo, coo coo and more. I could go on and on about the nutritional value of this beauty and its origins…blah…blah…blah. Instead I’ll just share a few of my favourite local recipes and maybe one or two that I’d like to try.


1. Callaloo

I always turn to Simply Trini Cooking for local recipes. Ochre is such a key ingredient in Callaloo making it a favourite of mine as a soup, with rice or coo coo. Here is their recipe for Callaloo.

2. Ochro Rice

For Ochro Rice, I always turn to Sarina’s recipe on TriniGourmet, (which I now know by heart!) to keep me on the right track. Here is Sarina’s recipe for Ochro Rice.

3. Coo Coo

Coo Coo is definitely one of my favourites things. Simply and easy to prepare. And don’t forget, contains ochroes. Trinicooks has a good recipe, here.

So how does the rest of the world (200 countries to be exact) treat with okra. As per usual, I turn to my trusty side kick, Mr. Google, to scour the globe for okra recipes.

Martha Stewart has a great recipe for Okra Fritters. Don’t believe me just watch…or rather see the photo below. LOL!


My ode to the ochro may seem short and to the point, but sometimes true love is exactly that. Simple. No fuss. Martha does say that there is no need for a sauce, but I know myself…even if its some pepper sauce…I gotta dippity dip. I’m feeling some Thai Sweet Chilli sauce for this one too!



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