#iadore | The Series | Dianne’s Tea Shop

We all love things. Our favourite brands. That go-to place for your favourite latte. That brand of shoe that you know is comfy, no matter what. Favourite pizza. Favourite lip balm. The spot for an Eggs Benedict. The list goes on and on…well for me it does! For those of you who know, #iadore has been the main hashtag used by TTChatterbox since its inception, along with #ttchatterbox and #trinidadandtobago Having gone through 9,009 photos (to be exact) that I have taken on my trusty iPhone, over a period spanning the last two years, I realised that I have certainly captured many of the things that I adore and that is what formed the basic idea of TTChatterbox. For me to share my latest finds and the things I adore with you and the world. (That sounds grand, doesn’t it?) From food to fashion. To places and things. And most of all, people. #iadore | The Series will give you an insight into all of the things that tickle my fancy. Who knows…they might capture your heart too. So where do I start? That’s easy. She opened her doors on Valentine’s Day last year, on Long Circular Road with a purpose – to spread joy through the little things, such as a cup of tea. Well with a solid year under her belt, Dianne Hunt can pat herself on the shoulder, for she has achieved exactly that. To say I adore, Dianne’s Tea Shop is surely an understatement. I do, however, insist that you go. Whether you want to have breakfast or lunch with your bestie to catch up, or pop in for a latte and a scone with your teenage daughter after school, Dianne’s is perfect. With a simple menu, coffee to die for and a hand-picked selection of the delicately, divine things you’d find in her other shop, DH Gift, Dianne’s gets a sure thumbs up from me. A little birdie also told me that she is open tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, so if you’ve spent the last two days revelling in the streets, and wake up craving a good breakfast, get to Dianne’s! Here are a few of my favourite things at Dianne’s Tea Shop. 1. This is a must-have, especially for those Lenten observers out there who are sticking to their fish-only diet. The Dianne Breakfast is by far my favourite Eggs Benedict on the island. Dianne dianna2 2.  Scones. With clotted cream and jam, of course. And these bad boys are made on-site and by Dianne herself, “putting the love in them one by one” she giggles. Definitely a treat when at Dianne’s. dianne3 And the finished product! diane4And here are a few more shots of the heavenly Dianne’s Tea Shop. #iadore #trinidadandtobago #ttchatterbox diane5 diane6


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