What’s the point?

I have big feet. Symptom of being a tall lass. Almost forty years in now, and I’ve embraced it. I’ve always worn heels…for two main reasons. One…the higher the heel, the smaller my feet look. Two…I hate tall girls who don’t embrace their height. We should don those extra inches with pride. Being tall is…well…awesome. So what’s the point? Exactly that…the point.

Pointy shoes are something I’ve stayed away from, due to my footwear-lengthening phobia. The older I get, however, the more I feel the need to dissect these phobias of mine and annihilate them. And so began my addiction with the pointed flat. Such a classic piece that pairs easily with jeans or a simple dress. I opt for the jeans option of course, with my signature roll.

Here are a few of my favs from the www…

1.  Kurt Geiger – Nannette

KGNannette KGnannette2

2. Warehouse

Pointed Ballet Flat Warehouse warehouse 2

3. Topshop – Voltage

topshopvoltage1 topshopvoltage2

4. French Sole – Penelope

frenchsole1 frenchsole2




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