Ping Pong Withdrawal

Life is funny. For years I sat at my laptop in London, with so much to do and see on my doorstep,  silently (and sometimes not silently at all) yearning to be on the road for Carnival in sweet Trinidad and Tobago. Here I am, home…but home. For many reasons, the road just didn’t call me this year. That coupled with my terminal affliction to be too last minute, of course.

So here I am on a Carnival Monday at home and I suddenly feel for some steaming, hot dim sum. My brain and vivid memory bank takes me back to one of fav. dim sum spots in London – Ping Pong.

With branches dotted throughout the city, I remembered when it first opened its first branch around 2005 on Great Marlborough Street.


I hurried my friends to join me to experience these little parcels of happiness or as the Ping Pong peeps say – deliciousness. With the little bit of Chinese in me, chopsticks and the menu items were not foreign. Yet each tickled my curiosity, so much so, that I wanted to try everything. And try I did.

The next time you’re in London…must-do is an afternoon into evening get together at any Ping Pong location. Here are a few menu recommendations…from yours truly. #iadore #ttchatterbox

1. Crispy Prawn Balls – king prawn, crisp shredded pastry with fish sauce


2. Char Sui Buns – fluffy white bun, honey barbecued pork. Trinis, we know this as a Pow!


3.  MY FAVOURITE! – The Roast Pork Puff – honey-roast pork, puff pastry, glazed with honey, topped with sesame seeds.


                                      4. King Prawns and Scallop Sticky Rice – seafood and rice steamed in a lotus leaf.

sticky rice

5.  Seafood Shu Mai – a delicate open topped pastry with prawns, scallops and asparagus


And finally, a must-have if you’re popping into Ping Pong.

6. One of Ping Pong’s Flowering Teas.


Since opening its doors in London in 2005, Ping Pong is spreadings it deliciousness across the globe, so much so that every time I’m off to a new city, I look them up if you’re in Dubai, Washington DC and India.

Sigh. Ping Pong.

Check out their Facebook, their Instagram and their Pinterest from more yummy pics.




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