Love in My Tummy


Food has always been a love of mine and having spent the first 20 odd years of my life where God spit me, namely, Trinidad and Tobago, it has become an obsession. This obsession grew and the more I travelled, the more exposure my tummy got.

One of the main objectives of TTChatterbox is to share what I’ve been eating lately with a view to not only make good recommendations for you, my readers, but also to showcase all that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer to the risk-taking traveller looking for the next destination. De tourists nah!

2015 has much in store here at TTChatterbox and for those looking for the best places to eat here in Trinidad and Tobago you’ve certainly come to the right place. People always ask me where I find the places that I find, and how I get the Chef to make the changes I ask for etc. A good chat will open the doors for many things. And I believe that receiving good service is a two-way street. Be nice….and you get treated nice. Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂

So I’ve been chatting away and the next few posts will prove that. I’d like to thank everyone who has opened their doors to TTChatterbox to date. The Canvas, Dianne’s, Chaud Café and Bar, The Port Restaurant, Samurai, Bravo, Burger Joint and much, much more.

When it comes to food, I’ve also got my favourites. Lamb. Coffee. Eggs. Pelau. Risotto. Steak. I’m always on the look out for who has the latest offering that I can sink my teeth into. I was thinking to actually brand this series, My Favourite…

I’ll probably start with My Favourite Coffee. Having one now! #latteluvin

In the meantime, I’ll keep eating and of course…chatting.

#iadore #ttchatterbox #trinidadandtobago


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