Rock. iPad. Scissors.

So there I was, in the middle of my Sunday ritual. Canvas. Coffee. Eggs. Writing. And as I mulled over my list of things to write for the day, I realized my battery on my trusty iPad was on 6%. At this point, I was sitting at the Bar and shrugged it off knowing I could just move to my favourite seat where there was an electric socket close by. And as I looked up, I felt the blood drain from my face. My seat was taken. 6% and I just got here. This reality hit me as if someone had just told me I could never drink coffee again. The heresy!

Anyhoo, after about five minutes of wondering what to do, I got a quick charging point somewhere else and decided to have a read of my favourite newspaper, in its print version, the Guardian. It did feel a bit nostalgic to feel the newsprint rustling through my fingers, it’s smell vaguely familiar. After I quickly flipped through the fuckery…crime, crime, politics, bacchanal, lies and more lies…I got to the good stuff. My favourite weekly column…Back in Times by Angelo Bissessarsingh. Feature stories on people actually doing constructive things in Trinidad and Tobago and afar.


Then it hit me…is my iPad charged? And just like that, I discarded the paper and was reunited with my tablet. My window to the world. I passed a table with three young women, clearly out to have lunch together. The funny thing is they were all huddled over one of their mobile phones. Probably checking the pics from a party they went to last night. Or on Instagram having a giggle at the latest meme that was posted. Maybe sharing the latest eBook they just downloaded on their Kindle app.

Made me think how different life truly is today. That statement is unnecessary in itself. If the only thing that is truly constant is change then different is all life will continue to become as we evolve. They say we don’t talk anymore. I agree and disagree. We’re certainly more connected. It certainly is much easier to reach out to someone. It’s certainly easier to meet up with friends on a Sunday and share photos that we would have snapped just this morning on our smartphones. Play the latest tune you’re into without having to bring out your boombox, place it on the table and rewind your cassette to the point that you recorded Black Widow from your favorite countdown, Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40.

Everything is at your fingertips. All hope wasn’t lost as the BFFs lunch arrived and the phones were put away and the giggles ensured. To be young again.

Thanks to Allison Da Silva, Gabrielle Ward and little Miss Teal, Farah Budall.



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