Latte Luvin’


So if you ever meet someone who claims to know me well and in the same breath acts surprised if you mention that I am completely and utterly in love with coffee, then the level of closeness they claim to have with me is a farce. Even coffee knows how much I love him and I know this because he loves me back. There are a few instances when I can’t have him when I want him but the sweet memory of the last time he touched my lips…well it just isn’t enough. And yes, coffee is a boy, he has to be. Ok…no. Coffee is most certainly, a man.

Robust. Smells amazing. The right body, Exotic. He is exactly what I need every time though I admit to having my favroutie spots for our rendez-vous. I don’t always have time to dine and savior his lingering flavour that instinctively penetrates the delicate foam as it makes its way through my insides. Sometimes I have him to go and though it’s  rushed, he is amazing every time.

Coffee…my true love.

Here are some sexy shots of…coffee.




4 thoughts on “Latte Luvin’

    1. Hello, I am not a social media interest or regular participant, but was intrigued by the design of your site ( the artist in me I suppose) good job, will try to visit often.

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