The Dress, The Mews and Me.

So many of you are messaging me about the “cool factor” of TTChatterbox and how much it suits me. LOL! You say that, until I am actually in front your face and you want me to shut up! I must admit that this Chatterbox idea is not new. Clifton Chatterbox was launched when I lived in Clifton Village, Bristol in the South West of England back in 2009-ish. I loved every minute of it of the almost two years that I lived there. In true Chatterbox style, I chatted my way to launching a community blog that attempted to share the magic that was Clifton Village. In fact, I remember the exact conversation, more importantly, I remember the Dress.

It is imperative that I preface with the fact (yes fact!) that the last time I wore a proper dress (I’ve worn a few shirts as dresses since then) was on my wedding day – January, 1st, 2001. It is the only time in my life that I willingly wanted to wear a dress. My friends all assumed that I would wear a tuxedo or suit of some kind and in all honesty, that was the plan. Rejecting the opportunity to be predictable, I did the exact opposite. I told few but by the dropped jaws on the parameter of the aisle and most of all, the smile on Mr. Chatterbox’s face as he waited for his wife to be, the shock factor of dress (can-can et al.) worked. I digress. Chatterbox story. Clifton Village. Chatting. The Dress. Right…I’m back on track!

There she was. The Dress. Standing elegantly and perfect in the window. And for the first time, I wanted to get married again, as a wedding (and by wedding I mean my own) would be the only occasion that I will consider donning a dress. The designer? Suzanne Neville.


The Dress – Promise from SN’s L’Amour Collection 2011. There it stood in the window of The Mews Bridal Gowns of Clifton, a store and a chat that certainly led to change in my life. Before I delve into those details, it is only fair that I share the dress. La robe de mariée.


At this juncture, I’d like to introduce you to Gail Crispin, owner of The Mews and Chatterbox-inspirer. The smile that greeted me as I walked in that day, had Gail’s signature cheeky you’re-getting-married-aren’t-you twinkle. And though I didn’t have a second wedding and I didn’t buy the dress, I left the store with something much more valuable. The belief in myself that there are those out there who can and will accept me for who I am. A bubbly, know-it-all Chatterbox who knows everything about everything and if she doesn’t know, she can find out. Clifton Chatterbox was born and soon I was promoting all that Clifton Village had to offer to the world. The Mews was always a special stop as I wandered through the Village not only because #iadore Gail but also because she allowed me to sit in on a few dress fittings, which even for a non-dress wearer, were incredible experiences.

Though I soon packed up and moved back to London and then home to Trinidad and Tobago, the Chatterbox in me lived on. And as I celebrate a new chapter, or should I say chatter, in the Chatterbox story with the launch of TTChatterbox, I would like to celebrate Gail and her latest “wow” moment, namely a pop-up studio in New York at the Gramercy Park Hotel for New York’s Bridal Fashion Week earlier in October. According to The Mews’ blog, the bi-annual trade show an event which according to The Mews’ blog, “featured a wide range of up and coming bridal trends from many designers, including many which are stocked at The Mews. We were fortunate to be invited, and had an amazing time!”

Super chuffed for your Gail! One day someone is going to walk into your shop and tell you the TTChatterbox sent them! Miss you loads and I will be forever grateful for our chats.  Let me share a few magical shots of Gail and The Mews.


The Mew’s Pop-Up Studio at the Gramercy Hotel in New York.
The new Clifton studio in all its glory.
The original shop and the window!

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