The Perfect Box.

This is my blog. Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Pull tru! So I set up my blog today and I was musing over…well…everything and nothing. I truly appreciate the finer things in life. From tea at Claridge’s to Doubles, a street favourite in my sweet home, Trinidad and Tobago.

Luxury and life’s simple pleasures. That’s me. Yes, I’ve been called bipolar before and that wasn’t the worst I’ve been called either! Come on! Keep up before I forget! Nice things. Doubles. Crazy girl. Right!

So I’m playing around on my sparkling, new blog while crunching through a KFC Snack Pack. Yes, on a Sunday…get over it. Mixed because I obviously can’t decide between Original or Spicy. I applied my condiments meticulously after a challenging duel with the packets and after succumbing to the usual defeat, I grabbed the scissors nearby, squirted all over the place like a teenaged boy and then the wrestling with the poultry ensued. Then it hit me. This box is too small.

kfc box

In a perfect world, I would have daintily placed the contents of the box on a plate followed by the usual condiment war. Damn overbite! Tonight, I just felt for the box. Was the discomfort due to the fact that I had large hands. Was this box made for the petit phalange?

Ok! Let’s get our geek on.


So that’s a lot of box. Hope they recycling. One would think an industry as large as the packaging industry and that of its cousin, the fast food industry, would have a bit of consideration. That these cholesterol pushers would at least make allowances for the yetis that walk amongst us…and that includes me! No glass houses here.

Other industries cater to the hands of the world. Left Handers are an established niche which boasts products like the left-handed cheque book, the left-handed scissors, left-handed desks and many other items.


So why does it seem that the world is trying to tell me that one box will have to do? Or is it just here – Trinidad and Tobago. Then it hit me, suddenly, as most things do. I usually have an issue with most of the packaging options here. Especially when I reminisce of what was available along my global travels for almost a decade. (I am going to talk about that a lot).

So rather than harp on the problem, let’s see what’s the latest in fast food or should I say take away food packaging. Here are a few pics that caught my eye.






So there are some boxes out there with swag. We need to tighten our reigns on the box game here in T and T. Or should we just be happy with the box we’re given?



3 thoughts on “The Perfect Box.

  1. Okay Michey, not about the box but hear this! I just listened to a show where a doctor said there is nothing called “junk food ” if it is food it is not junk and if it is junk it can’t be food. Why? Because food is a good thing it provides nutrients. Just needed to share this and when I saw the KFC box on your site, I took the opportunity. Have a blessed day.

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